Flexible chimney and flue duct with flat inner wall for boilers, fireplaces and extractor hoods

The STABILE FX flex system can be used for every kind of civil or industrial generator working with gas, liquid and solid fuels. The STABILE FX system is certified for receiving the combustion products having a max temperature not exceeding 200°C – if using the flex junction (200Pa) item code PDFX 10 – and a max temperature not exceeding 600°C if using a flexible junction (40 Pa) item code PDFX 09 M. The STABILE FX system is suitable for being installed as single and multiple relined duct in compliance with the current regulations. In locations where the atmosphere is rich in halogen fumes, we do not recommend the use of stainless steel chimneys (laundries, dye works, printing works, and hairdressings). The usage of these products in such locations voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Stainless steel 316L

60 80 100 120 125
130 140 150 160 180
200 220 250 300 *
* further diameters on demand

Single and multiple flue liner for appliances operating at a flue gas temperature ≤ 200°C if installed with a silicone junction and ≤ 450°C if installed with a screw joint

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