“STABILE CA” hot air canalization

15 May 2018

Solutions for the distribution of the heat generated by pellet or wood stoves and fireplaces

Not only chimneys. Besides the chimney systems, distributed and appreciated in 28 Countries in the world since almost 40 years, in the STABILE catalogue you can find the CA LINE, a product line designed for ducting the hot air generated by wood and/or pellet stoves and chimneys.

Straight and flex elements, elbows, grids, slits, sleeves, junctions, bands and much more: “STABILE CA” offers a wide range of solutions able to optimize a balanced heat distribution into several living environments when using biomass appliances.

Giampiero Stabile, General Manager of the Company, says: “The way that led to the development, the production and the marketing of STABILE CA is the result of important investments in terms of resources and skills” and he adds: “The Company re-confirms in this way its DNA: a constant focus on innovation and research to meet the demands of a global market that is increasingly sensitive to issues related to efficiency and reduction of energy consumption.”

Here below you can find a short overview of the product range composing the “STABILE CA”:
straight elements in white or black painted extruded aluminum
90° and 45° elbows in white or black painted extruded aluminum
outlet grids in white or black stainless steel
wall cover roses in white or black silicone
wall bands in black or white zinc-coated steel
air suction kits
flex pipe in fiberglass insulated aluminum
plenum for outlet grids with a reduced encumbrance
recessed grids with front opening
outlet valves with adjustable flow
extendible aluminum pipes
aluminum recessed grids for fireplaces, complete with damper and plenum
recessed ventilation slits with steel sheet ventilating body
galvanized steel Y junctions
galvanized steel junction sleeves for flex pipes
stainless steel adjustable hose clamps

In order to avoid any mistake, it is important to pay the utmost attention to the diameter and the length of the whole air ducting system, which is usually reported in the manufacturer’s instruction of the stove or the fireplace.
In order to get better performances, we suggest to insulate the canalization and to use as less elbows as possible, in order to reduce pressure drops.
The canalization can be installed inside the wall using the insulated aluminum flexible pipe and terminate it in the desired area through the appropriate outlet nozzles or grids.
In the case of a non-invasive restoration of the system, the canalization can also be installed on the outside of the wall through a white or black aluminum pipe at sight.


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