“SPD”, the compact chimney for pellet stoves

15 July 2020

The new “slim” twin-wall system without locking bands

We have further extended the STABILE range for the high temperature systems. The new entry is named “SPD” and it is a twin-wall compact solution without locking bands, which is mainly (but not exclusively) dedicated to flue systems for pellet stoves. It is a really interesting chimney system that stands out for being compact, practical, safe and nice looking.


Though being conceived mainly for pellet stoves, the “SPD” system can be used as a chimney for all types of gaseous, liquid and solid fuel appliances. It is, in fact, a metal twin-wall chimney with 10mm rockwool insulation, internal wall in AISI 316L stainless steel and the external wall in AISI 304 stainless steel.
It is proposed in two diameters (80/120 – 100/120) and in three finishes: brilliant stainless steel, black and dark brown.
It is certified to receive combustion products with temperatures up to 200°C with gasket mounted and with temperatures up to 600°C without gasket and it is suitable for being installed as a chimney in compliance with current regulations.

Exactly like all the systems in STABILE catalogue, theSPD" system is composed of a wide range of components and accessories, such as straight elements, telescopic elements, sleeves, elbows, junctions, blind and condensation drain caps, anti-rain and anti-wind terminal caps, plates, flashings, wall and locking bands, gaskets.

“Absolutely in line with the company tradition, the new SPD system represents the perfect synthesis between the initial vision, the creation and the distribution of the product” says Giampiero Stabile, Managing Director of the Company, who continues “…we have wanted and conceived a solution that was concretely useful and that brought real added value in terms of practicality, quality and aesthetics”

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