“STABILE IT”, thermal insulators for chimneys

22 May 2018

High performance solutions for compliant, safe and durable flue gas systems

In order to prevent any risk of fire in the chimney, it is extremely important to pay the utmost attention to keeping the safety distance between the flue gas system and any adjacent combustible material. Just think of relined ducts inside a shaft or those crossing wooden roofs and ceilings.

Therefore, when designing and installing, it is important to consider both the distance values provided by the manufacturers (in the product designation), and any use of insulating systems that can highly increase the thermal protection level of the system.

Based on the above considerations, STABILE recently introduced in its catalogue the “IT LINE” that is composed of a series of high performance thermal insulators tested at operating temperatures between 250° C and 1200° C.

Giampiero Stabile, General Manager of the Company, says: “Safety comes first. We have been working in the thermo technical field for over forty years and we know pretty well how the quality of products is strictly linked to design and installation in compliance with the relevant legislation. Through the STABILE IT system we intend to make our contribution, by offering high performance solutions, in order to make compliant, safe and durable flue gas systems.

“STABILE IT” in short

The “STABILE IT” system includes many items as follows:

  • Aluminum-coated rock wool cupels
  • Aluminum-coated fiberglass cupels
  • Ecological fiber mats with or without aluminum coating
  • Silicate calcium plates
  • Rigid or flexible micro-porous plates
  • Fiberglass ropes
  • High temperature gaskets
  • Aluminum adhesive tapes
  • Glues and sealants for high temperatures

Tips and useful information

The safety distance declared by the manufacturer is the result of tests carried out in labs in compliance with the European product standards, specifically accordingly with what prescribed by the EN 1859.

Since the test conditions do not cover all cases and all real installation and operating conditions, you often need to calculate the distance from combustible materials as prescribed by the EN 15287.
In case the chimney is composite (insulated on site), or relined in a A1 class shaft, you need to follow the same calculation method.

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