Stabile HXPD

The STABILE HXPD gas flue system is perfect for making connecting flue pipes and chimney systems for generating sets and co-generators for which you need a high resistance to temperatures and pressures.

The HXPD system is also suitable for any heat generator fueled by a gaseous or liquid fuel, where the max temperature of the flue gases does not exceed 600°C.

The STABILE HXPD system can be installed both as a connecting flue pipe and as a chimney system, in compliance with the national regulations. The STABILE HXPD ensures a gas tightness up to 5000 Pa, a resistance to temperatures up to 600°C and to any condensate without any obligation to use sealing gaskets.

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Stainless Steel / Stainless Steel
150 ÷ 600


Abgasrohr, Verbindungsleitung, Ausatemrohr für Kogeneratoren und Stromerzeugungsaggregate, die bei höhen Temperaturen und Drücken arbeiten


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