Stabile MP

The flue system STABILE MP is conceived to be used for condensing appliances, however the flue system STABILE MP can be used with every heat generator working with a gaseous or liquid combustible where the maximum temperature does not exceed 120°C. Furthermore it can be used for kitchen extractor hoods and for air supply/ extraction ducts as long as the temperatures do not exceed 120°C.

The system STABILE MP is suitable for being installed as flue duct, connecting flue pipe and like relined combined chimney, in accordance with the current regulations. The flue system STABILE MP is compatible with every STABILE line’s product which can receive (fumes) as long as the temperature does not exceed 120°C.

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Interne: polypropylen PP | Externe: edelstahl 304
80/110 | 100/120
10 mm Luftkammer


Abgasrohr, Ausatemrohr und Schornstein-System für Gas- und Oilgeräte und für Dunstabzugshaube mit einer Rauchgastemperatur ≤120°C

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