HYBALANS+, air distribution system for MVHR units

20 November 2019

Health, wellness and energy saving with the new modular air distribution system

Not only flues…a new important challenge is now on the horizon for Stabile S.p.A. Through the support of the Dutch M&G Group they belong to, the Italian Company aims at becoming the reference point on both a national and international level in the air distribution for the Mechanical Ventilation Systems (MVS).

The demands of a market that is increasingly sensitive to issues such as health, wellness and energy saving, have led the Company to set up a specific technical-commercial team that is dedicated to the HYBALANS+, an innovative modular air distribution system ensuring fresh air and energy efficiency in homes and workplaces.

It is not just a new product range, but an authentic strategic turning point that will lead Stabile S.p.A. to compete, both in Italy and abroad, in a sector with significant growth prospects,” says Giampiero Stabile, Managing Director of the Company. He continues,We invested time and resources to face this new challenge in the best way and we strongly believe that we will affirm ourselves in the field of the Mechanical Ventilation as we did in that of flue systems

The MVS in short

The Mechanical Ventilation System (MVS) is an installation technology that became necessary with the construction of low energy houses. By insulating the walls and installing airtight window frames, you can considerably reduce the energy needs, though negatively affecting the healthiness of the indoor air. Opening the windows of the house to ensure a proper air exchange could be extremely inconvenient, causing wastes of energy. Therefore, they designed a “forced” air exchange system operating 24H a day that allowed controlling the flow rates exactly, limiting the exchange of air and therefore the waste of energy to the minimum necessary.
The MVS technology is based on an electrical ventilation unit that continuously extracts the indoor air from the most humid rooms of the house (kitchens and bathrooms) and, in the meantime, it conveys the same quantity of air from outside to bedrooms and living rooms.
The presence of filters and heat exchangers in the ventilation unit ensures the health of the incoming air, living comfort and energy saving while heating or cooling.

The HYBALANS+ system

Hybalans+ is a modular air distribution system that allows the realization of both round and oval twin-flow mechanical ventilation systems. The catalogue includes a wide range of products and accessories, such as flex ducts, connections, rings, manifolds, elbows, gaskets, caps, inlet and outlet valves. EPP ducts and terminals that connect the ventilation unit with the air distribution system.

Calculation software

Besides counting on a complete range of products, installers and wholesalers can download and use a calculation software for the dimensioning of the whole ventilation system. Thanks to an interactive guide with a tree display of the functions, the software allows the configuration of a perfectly balanced and functional air distribution system. At the end of the calculation process, you can export to Excel the complete material list.

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